Different Styles of Dress for the Modern Businesswoman

Since summer is here and you'll need to update your work wardrobe for the upcoming season. This season makes it even more fun to pair new looks together, but it can be challenging to find out what's appropriate to wear to work now that temperatures are rising. Here are the top 10 different pieces that will perfectly complement the modern businesswoman. Whether you work in a conservative or trendy environment, you can use these different styles of dress to fit the tone of the office.

1. The Boyfriend Blazer

You can't go wrong with the boyfriend blazer. Not only is it extremely comfortable, but it looks incredibly sharp. There’s a very good reason blazers are some of the bestselling items from the Kate Marilin catalog. It's one of the most versatile pieces that you'll own.

The classic black blazer coordinates with multiple outfits. Even the golden sunshine blazer adds the perfect layer that pairs with a pencil skirt or floral print dress. The boyfriend blazer will become a wardrobe staple that will never go out of style. Be sure to invest in a high-quality item that will last for several years.


2. Four Blouses

You should have at least four different tops with different necklines. This will become an important layering piece that can be paired with many looks. The classic white button-down shirt is also a must. You want to keep your white blouse clean since it'll become a staple that you'll never want to go without.

There's a reason why the white button-down shirt is a classic. It looks good with everything -- especially in the summertime. There are several things you can pair with a white button-down shirt. You can mix up your sleeveless blouse collection with short-sleeve sweaters or button-down striped blouses to remain modest.


3. Check Patterns

Black and white checkered patterns have become a mainstay in workwear. One way to carry this trend into the summertime is to pair it with a floral print top or skirt. A black and white checkered dress is super appropriate for business meetings and lunches with your boss. For conservative work environments, you'll want to wear checkered pants with a white button-down blouse and black pumps.

You can also balance out this look with a pair of floral print shoes or a colorful handbag. You can also tone down this look by wearing a black blazer, which brings the professional edge you need for board meetings and presentations.


4. Comfortable Loafers

Menswear loafers have finally been embraced in women's workwear. That's because they're so comfortable that you'll feel like you're wearing slippers. Designers have updated this shoe with elements, designs, and patterns that make it look more feminine. The slide-in loafer is perfect for the summer when it's dressed up in a floral print or lined with faux fur. You can wear these loafers on casual Friday with a pair of dark denim jeans and a structured blazer.

If you don't like floral print loafers, then opt for a classic leather loafer. Pair them with dress, skirt, or trousers. If the designer loafers are out of your budget, then choose look-alikes that are low-key but still on trend.


5. The Little Black Dress

The key is to find the perfect little black dress that is appropriate and flattering for any work environment. You want to invest in a well-made dress that allows you to bend and sit comfortably. The fabric should be thick enough to not show anything but should also be breathable and forgiving. The little black dress is the perfect option because you get dressed in one easy zip.

On the days when you have to prepare for a large meeting, it'll make dressing a snap. If you're running late to the office, you'll show up fashionably late. Since solid colors don't stand out like patterns, it's important to choose a neutral shade. You want to get a lot of use out of your dress without feeling too trendy.


6. Modern Accessories

The right accessories make the outfit. While a high-quality watch may feel like a luxury, it's become an important piece of jewelry in office settings. You should invest in a timepiece that can be worn every day. You can invest in a watch that has a chain strap or a genuine leather strap. No matter what you choose, your watch will be one of the few accessories that will make your outfit appear more polished and professional.


7. Mid-Length Dress

You should become best friends with the midi style this summer. The mid-length dress is not the same as the super-casual maxi dress. The mid-length cold shoulder pleated dress is super flattering and easy to wear. The pleating below the waist adds a little playful texture to your look while remaining professional at the same time. The cold shoulder pleated dress can be worn with chunky heels, flats, or open-toe sandals.


8. Culottes

This piece will depend on your work environment, but there are some offices and workspaces that have become accepting of culottes. These oversized trousers can transform your entire outfit with block heels. If you want to look on trend, then you'll want to pair floral print culottes with an oversized plaid blazer.


9. Two Pencil Skirts

While you can't have too many pencil skirts, two is enough. There's nothing sexier than the Kate Marilin two-tone pencil skirt that's perfect for job interviews and other work events. You can look super sexy and trendy while remaining modest at the same time. For polish, do a French tuck with your white long-sleeved T-shirt if it's on the longer side. You can even mix it up with colorful, patterned, or neutral blouses.


10. Two Pairs of Pants

You'll want two pair of pants: dark wash slim pants for Casual Fridays and black slim pants. The front tie dress pants will feel like your favorite pair of leggings. It sits high above the waist and gives you the perfect shape. These pants have plenty of stretch and the recovery is ideal.

This pant won't end up bagging at the knees. It also comes with an attached belt that won't move as you go about your day. Since it's ankle length, this pant can be worn with everything from ballet shoes to pumps. Your outfit will have an elevated feel because of its forgiving fit and shape.


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