Does the way I dress affect my mood?

We have been under Shelter In Place now for what seems like thirteen trillion years...okay I may be exaggerating, but honestly it's been a loooong time. We've also been living in our PJ's, loungewear, or athletic wear; and while those options are super comfy, in the long run it could have an affect on our mood. 


It's crazy to think that an outfit could affect how I feel, but research has shown it is most definitely linked. Have you heard of the psychology behind color? If you haven't, in a nutshell, the colors you wear have affects on how you and other people perceive you & has a behavioral affect on our day to day decisions. For example, Red is associated with excitement, passion, danger, energy, and action; Passion, that's part of the reason why Red is such a popular color during Valentines Day. Now, I'm not an expert on this topic but I do believe the same color can also have different meanings that are dependent on our upbringing, gender, location, values, and a variety of other factors.  So this is more of generalization.


With that same thought, research has also found that an entire outfit affects us the same way as color does. For me, it starts with the basics. If my undergarments match, oh Lord, "I've got it together today! Bring it on, I'm ready for the day." It's that same feeling that carries me to then choose an outfit that correlates with my mood. If that outfit isn't there, and I just throw anything on, somehow I don't feel like myself anymore. Something just isn't clicking that day. Crazy how something as simple as our clothes affect our entire day and our moods 


Here are 6 ways, according to an article written in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, our clothes affect our mood:

1. Cheers You Up

Some people wear clothes that make them look happy, while in reality, they may be feeling down. I can't tell you how many times, I've gotten up in the morning, feeling burned out from work & have forced myself to get dressed & do my makeup. Dressing well may get you compliments, which in turn makes you feel happier. Give it a try. 

2. Motivates You to Exercise

Wearing the right clothes for a yoga session or the gym can motivate you to perform better. If you've bought a new pair of leggings, you'll be waiting for sunrise to hit the running track. Gym clothes are not only comfortable during exercise but also look trendy. If your motivation level is low, shop around for new gym clothes that can motivate you to wear them and flex those muscles. Head's up, We're adding an Activewear line later this month!!!  Years ago, I participated in a Law Enforcement Relay Race, Baker to Vegas (120 miles of desert heat). Let me tell you, a cute pair of leggings or shorts sure made training a lot easier. Check out a few of our photos.




3. Makes You Feel Powerful

Business suits invoke a sense of power and instill a sense of professionalism. Studies show that being smartly dressed in business suits can boost your professionalism. Even the behavior of the person wearing the suit appears more dignified. In one study, researchers made some people wear formal business attire then had them complete a series of experiments that challenged their cognitive processing abilities. Those dressed in business suits felt significantly more powerful and in control of the situation than their under-dressed peers. I once had a supervisor whom interviewed for a promotion in a Fire Red Pant Suit. That girl got the promotion and stood out. She was memorable. Don't be afraid to step out of the black, navy, & grays. 

4. Makes You Look Professional Many jobs require you to wear a uniform. You wouldn't take a medical advice seriously from a person dressed like a rock star. But, if the same advice came from a person wearing a white doctor's coat, you'd probably believe them. Similarly, you automatically show more respect to a person dressed as a policeman or a firefighter, or in military fatigues, as their duty is to serve and protect our country. From experience, that uniform screams "I'm an expert & a professional" and it automatically made me portray myself as such & gave me confidence to do so.


5. Helps You Focus Better

Imagine if you were a passenger in a plane flown by a pilot wearing pajamas! Happy landing. As I said before, wearing certain clothes instills a sense of responsibility in us. You may be laid back and more relaxed while you're in your jammies at home. But, the moment you wear the dress that your profession demands, you suddenly become more alert and conscious of your identity. This not only causes you to be more serious about your job but also helps you focus better.

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