Get Up. Get Dressed. Seize the Day.

Ladies... ladies... ladies... let's not lie to ourselves.




.... or your favorite ball cap to hide that 3rd day unwashed hair!
In this currently COVID lifestyle of axed pedicures, welcoming of gray roots, and sheet tearing unpolished toenails, we may forget what it's like to that curling iron through our hair, wiggle into our favorite slimming outfits & paint on our sexy as hell, crimson lipstick (you the know the one).

Say this with me...
"Enclothed Cognition"
This is the term deemed by the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, to describe the influence clothing has on our psyche. Believe it or not, scientist say people feel more powerful by what they wear! Perfect excuse to get dressed up or even to shop, right!? It's proven science that clothes can change your moods! Wo when you're feeling in a funk, like most of us are, look at what you have in your repertoire; find something that makes you feel strong, powerful, excited, and of course beautiful. Yup, that's the outfit I'm talking about! Do your hair and makeup, look in the mirror & remind yourself how beautiful, strong, and sexy as hell you really are!
Wide Brim Fedora
Signing off for now,

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