How to Accessorize with Different Dress Styles

The wonderful thing about being a woman is that we get to express ourselves through our fashion, and that includes donning various kinds of dresses. Aren't you glad we aren't stuck with plain pants and shirts for every occasion? We can wear dresses for parties, date nights, or even wear it at work!

However, some women find that it can be difficult to mix and match accessories with dresses. It's very flattering to wear jewelry, belts, bags, or other hair accessories with dresses as it accentuates our feminine side.

Though, it can seem a little tricky when you don't know how to compose your accessory pieces so that they all look good together. You don't want to appear underdressed, but you also want to avoid looking tacky.

Kate Marilin specializes in modest modern professional clothing for women, so we understand this dilemma. Please follow a few of our tips and tricks for accessorizing with some of the most popular dress styles.


Choose complementary colored accessories to match your dress.

A dysfunctional rainbow is the last thing you would want to look like! The first rule in making yourself attractive in a dress is to know the color scheme of your dress and pick accessories with the same color. For example, if you have an emerald green dress, you may choose to accessorize with either earthy tones (brown, nude, tan) or cool hues (blue, sea green, aqua). Coordinating the color scheme of your dress with your accessories helps make your look pleasing to the eye. If you are unsure of color schemes, you can always pick neutral colors for your accessories such as black, white or beige.


Pick a detail from your dress that can match your accessory.

Aside from color schemes, another way to create a flattering look is to pick a detail from your dress and match it with the accessory of your choice. For example, we have a piece called the Bella Maxi Dress. The Bella Maxi Dress is a red, button-down piece with white polka dot details. You can accessorize this dress with pearl earrings or a necklace, along with a white-colored purse. Matching the dress details with your accessories will help you look put-together while making a statement about your style.


Choose neutral accessories for bright-colored dresses.

When your dress is bright, you don't want to make your look overwhelming with a bright colored accessory as well. Unless you're going to a neon party, you may want to stick with neutral accessories. For example, donning a fuchsia dress along with silver accessories can make you look modest but modernly elegant. Silvers, golds, white, black, copper-tone, and other neutral colors can blend in with bright-colored dresses. Invest in neutral pieces for more flexibility with your accessories.


Have plain accessories for patterned dresses.

Patterns on patterns can make people feel dizzy from your look. Thus, if you have a patterned dress - say, a floral or striped one - you may want to stick with an accessory that is plain or solid in color. Wearing too many patterns can cause clashing styles which would not look flattering at all. Some examples of plain accessories include solid-colored pumps or wedges, gold pendant necklace, or a classic watch with a solid-colored leather strap. These can go perfectly with patterned dresses.


You may pick detailed accessories with plain dresses.

This next tip goes vice versa. If you have a plain or solid-colored dress, it can be eye-catching to have detailed accessories such as a chunky hobo necklace or a patterned bag. Just make sure that the colors are coordinated well based on their color scheme.


Pick the right necklace for the cut of your dress.

Another thing to consider is the neck cut of your dress. Is it U-shaped, V-shaped, or turtleneck? It is best to avoid necklaces with a turtleneck dress because it can look odd and unflattering. If you do choose to accessorize with a necklace, choose simple pendant ones or longer types of necklaces. You can wear a shorter pendant necklace for U or V-neck dresses.


Have statement earrings for strapless dresses.

The purpose of wearing a strapless dress is to emphasize one's neck and shoulder area. It can be unflattering if you choose to distract the highlighted features with a chunky piece of jewelry. A great way to accessorize instead is to have statement earrings. For example, you may choose to wear a white feather earring along with a navy-blue strapless dress to make a bold yet elegant look that highlights your neck and shoulders.


Mind your shoes and bags for the occasion.

Another common blunder is wearing the wrong bag or shoes for an event. Special occasions as well as professional wear call for wearing shoes with heels. If you're donning a bag for work, a medium to large-sized purse would be a great fit as well. However, for other special occasions, you may just want to bring a small to medium purse instead. A clutch bag would be perfect for a fancy date, going to a wedding, or any type of event where you're required to wear a cocktail dress or a gown.


It is best to match your metal jewelry.

This may sound controversial as others would be able to pull it off just as well, but to err on the safe side, it is best to wear the same type of metal jewelry. Why? Because mixing metals can construe a look that's just all over the place. Unless you're going for a 'grunge' type of appearance, looking modest modern also means that your accessories don't just match your dress but also each other. This rule applies mostly to metal jewelry. As for other types of accessories, you can choose various kinds (such as a pearl and a metal) to mix and match.

Dresses are versatile pieces of clothing that make women look fabulously feminine. What better way to improve your look on a dress by knowing the ins and outs of accessorizing through these helpful tips.


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