How to Rock a Jumpsuit in the Modern Workplace

Wondering how you can get away with wearing a jumpsuit to work? Maybe you're wondering how to wear one at all, or maybe you're someone who loves pants but wearing the same trouser pants over and over can get old. The jumpsuit is making a resurgence in workplaces across the country this summer. This trend has exploded on the scene and is not going away anytime soon. 

A Kate Marilin jumpsuit is a versatile option that goes with everything in your wardrobe. It also makes getting ready in the morning easier. You can wear it to the office and then for drinks with your girlfriends after work.

However, there are some rules you should keep in mind when wearing a jumpsuit to work. 

1. Opt for Neutral Colors

When it comes to finding the right jumpsuit for work, your best option is neutral colors. While black never goes out of style, you should also consider brown, navy blue, and summer white. A Brown Multi Stripe Jumpsuit looks great with gold jewelry and nude pumps. The summer season also allows you to experiment with seasonal shades and patterns, but the best option for most workplaces is to stick to neutral colors. 

2. Find a Professional Fit

Keep in mind that all jumpsuits are not created equal. Jumpsuits come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and fit. There are some that have embraced the cold shoulder trend while others have side-cutouts. These styles are not always appropriate for the office. The best jumpsuit is one that's modest in style and sits just above the knee. 

3. Follow the Office Rules

When finding a jumpsuit for work, you should keep the office rules in mind. Every workplace has its own dress code. It's important to stay up to date on the dress code, so you can invest in a jumpsuit that's appropriate to wear. Opt for a jumpsuit that has lapels and a full-length tapered leg. 

You can create the look of longer legs with heels, if you prefer. Avoid jumpsuits that feature bold and large patterns. Instead, accessorize your jumpsuit with a blazer or cardigan. You can also pair with a skinny belt.

4. Add the Right Layers

Want to make your jumpsuit work for you instead of the other way around? The best way to style your jumpsuit is to layer it. Whether you're wearing a blazer or cardigan, you'll find that it'll instantly make your look smart. Plus, it'll look as if you're wearing an outfit rather than one piece. 

5. Accessorize Your Look

Like every garment, the right accessories can take your look up a notch. It can come down to the perfect statement necklace or the perfect pair of earrings. Sometimes the right jewelry is all you need to show off your personality. You should avoid wearing jewelry that's big and bold. Save those styles for when you leave the office. 

6. Wear Small Patterns 

This could depend on your personal style. Do you love to wear polka dots? Do you love paisley print? Or are you more of a floral print fan? Any of these prints are fun and are perfect to wear to work during the summer. 

The Brown Multi Stripe Jumpsuit is also a great option since it instantly slims you down. You'll look as if you lost weight overnight. The key to wearing a print jumpsuit is to choose a small pattern as opposed to a bold and large pattern. It's also wise to choose a pattern that has two colors or stays within the same color palette. 

7. Avoid Sexy Jumpsuits

There are just some jumpsuits that are not appropriate for the office. Some of those jumpsuits include denim jumpsuits, strapless jumpsuits, and slouchy jumpsuits. You should also avoid wearing jumpsuits that feature lace and cut-outs, although some black lace jumpsuits are appropriate. You'll also want to avoid showing up to the office in a romper, which is best suited for casual weekend events. The best jumpsuit to wear is one that's modest in style and covers what needs covering. 

8. Pair it With a Blazer 

The key to pulling off a jumpsuit is to add dimensions to it. While a monochrome jumpsuit best stands alone, you can use a basic blazer to add some personality. You should choose a blazer that adds style to your jumpsuit and matches the professional environment around you. Consider where you're going after work and choose a blazer that can dress it up or tone it down. 

For example, you can create a formal look with a white Kate Marilin jumpsuit and a black blazer with white lapels. It'll look as if you're wearing a tuxedo. You want to choose a blazer that's similar to the tone on your jumpsuit. For example, if you're wearing a floral print jumpsuit, then you'll want to wear a black or rose-colored blazer. 

9. Wear Heels with Wide Legs

If you're wondering which shoes go with a jumpsuit, always choose heels. Wearing heels can prevent your outfit from appearing frumpy or lazy. Heels also create the illusion of longer legs and make you appear taller and leaner, but the heels need to be on the skinny side. You should avoid clogs, wedges, and chunky heels. 

10. Wear a Solid Color

If you're wearing a jumpsuit for the first time, stick to black, dark brown, navy blue, or another solid color jumpsuit. If you love color, then you can opt for a bright color such as coral or lavender, but black is a classic that will never go out of style. A solid jumpsuit also allows the eye to move up and down. Once you feel comfortable with wearing a jumpsuit, then you can explore with different colors and patterns. 

A Kate Marilin jumpsuit can make you look put together and professional. You can take this style to work by choosing the right jumpsuit that allows you to transition from occasion to occasion or season to season.


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