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So if you’re like me you have found yourself click-clicking away at the Kate Marilin site. 

What to choose what to choose??? Right??

With the Summer months coming to a close (hallelujah) It’s time to decide what will be our fashion goal for this Fall. Well.. Because I love this Boutique I thought I would share my favorite pieces with you

Geometric Detail Dress

How in the world can you turn down a dress with pockets!??...

You honestly just can’t. That’s one of the reasons why this dress is perfect. It's lightweight, flowy material allows for comfort in these not so Fall temperature month, and it's classy enough for the office, yet fun enough for the weekend. 

Shop this fun Geometric Detail Dress here.






Next piece...I loved this piece because of how gorgeous you feel when wearing it, and it’s one of best ways to gain motivation for working out. So feel gorgeous while doing working a sweat. Not only do the shorts and top hold everything in place but the material is soft and best part is you really have to work at it to get it to change color while you sweat! 


Shop this sexy Sports Bra here.
Shop the shorts here. 




Basic Tee in Mustard



This last piece is a must have for the season! Can’t you already imagine it under a Black Blazer for work, or with a cute pair of dark denim jeans? It's so versatile and the color is beautiful! Best part is the price is a steal! Add some colors to your closet and give mustard more of a try then on your hot dog! 

Shop this top here.






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