The Classy and Fun Look of the Modern Maxi Dress

The Maxi Dress has become an essential shared by fashion lovers and novices all around the globe. In the 1960′s, Oscar de la Renta aimed to design something that would be gracing the figures of fashionable people all over the world. Towards the end of the 1960’s he had the world praising his designs, and women craving to wear them.

The 1980s brought with it shoulder pads, power suits, bold colors and styles relegating maxi dresses to storage rooms, clearance racks and the dusty corners of wardrobes. The 2000s welcomed the maxi back with grace and splendor, redefining it as the Modern Maxi, they donned various body types from gala nights to quiet dinners and almost every occasion. No longer the voluminous clutter of fabric it was known as; modern designers rely on different fabric types and colors to offer a much more flattering fit with several styles to accentuate all body types.

Once regarded as the anthem of hippies and free spirits, the maxi dress has made a significant comeback, the breezy and classy fashion piece is probably the most unique and diverse wardrobe essential. Maxi dresses cut across all age groups, suitable for all occasions and all age groups.

Women are adopting the modern maxi dress with its sharp cuts, and intriguing hems for more of a modest, professional look. The evolution of the maxi dress is a movement by the modern, modest and professional women; a nod to conservative style appropriate for all occasions. This movement represents the change and versatility of the contemporary woman. Several brands are supporting this movement and making this change possible including brands like Kate Marilin with its Bella Maxi Dress; this can be paired with a slim waist belt and a nice pair of heels or sneakers and fit any occasion. The former rigorously plain maxis indicate a shift in the cultural climate in the fashion world, and a lot of brands are adapting with this shift.

The millennials are also seen favoring stretched out dresses with raw, unusual edges paired with different accessories. There’s nothing remotely demure or cheesy about these new interpretations of the modernized maxi dress. Even the featureless designs are likely to be paired with a colorful pair of shoes, accessorized in no way that reminds you of the hippie look the maxi dresses once represented. Perhaps they’re a rebellion against the seductive body-hugging jeans, consciousness draining tights and the mini’s that go up at every indication of the wind. The modern maxi has proven itself a forward trend. Fashion brands like Kate Marilin have released numerous variations of the modern maxi, including their bestselling Bella Maxi dress. This particular piece has become a staple in the wardrobes of women looking for a more modest professional look. Modern Maxis are now being identified as a seasonless wardrobe essential, introducing a vast number of ways to style them.

A modern maxi dress like any other piece of clothing requires finding the right fit for your body type. It's advisable to pick a maxi dress with a hemline that isn’t swimming below your feet. The right length doesn’t always come with the right cut or fit for your body type. For the more conservative women with secrets they would like to keep hidden, a maxi with an A-line design will keep your figure looking trim, whereas a V-neck style gives a more elongated look. Accessorizing with belts, jackets, or blazers can also help create the look that suits your body. Fabric, color, and pattern also determine the outcome of your final look. Intricate designs or dark, solid colors will take anyone almost a size down, making you look slimmer, and they also offer a wide range of multipurpose wears.

Shoes will take your maxi dress from a night out with friends, to a relaxed day at the office or a picnic at the beach. Maxi dresses can be paired with platform heels, wedges, or sandals, which add height and length to the wearer. When opting for a casual look, they can be paired with sandals, sneakers, or flipflops.

The ministry of fashion urges you to not push your maxi dresses to the back of the wardrobe, disclaiming it as the style fit for malls or errands. This is a reminder that there is still a lot of wear left in every maxi dress. For one maxi, there's a thousand lives and a million pictures.

Will this particular style endure the ever-changing trends of the fashion world? People are taking more chances as they dare to defer the short hems.

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