When and Where to Wear Your Favorite Jumpsuit

You can't go wrong with a jumpsuit. The great thing about a Kate Marilin jumpsuit is that it never goes out of style. It's super appropriate for just about any event or special occasion. While some events have their own fashion rules, it's time to leave most of these rules in the past. This guide will show you how to wear a jumpsuit for any occasion.

1. Weddings

Wearing a black or red jumpsuit is fine for a daytime or nighttime wedding, but you should avoid wearing white even if it's a jumpsuit. Let the location, theme, and season be your guide for wearing the right Kate Marilin jumpsuit. If you're close to the bride, then ask her input.

When it comes to daytime weddings, you want to avoid beaded or sequined jumpsuits. Instead, opt for a jumpsuit in a lightweight material such as cotton. A strapless jumpsuit with open-toed shoes is appropriate in warmer regions. If the wedding takes place in the afternoon and the reception is in the evening, then wear a jumpsuit in a color that doesn't upstage the bride.

Pale pink is appropriate for these occasions. However, hot pink and fuchsia will bring you too much attention. If you're wearing a strapless or sleeveless jumpsuit, then you should be mindful about maintaining a modest, modern look by covering up with a wrap or shrug. Sometimes a jumpsuit and jacket or cardigan with a little sparkle are fine for such an event.

2. Cocktail Parties

You don't have to wear a cocktail dress to a cocktail party. While cocktail dresses are common, there are other options. You can get away with wearing a striped waist tie jumpsuit with a rhinestone brooch and cocktail ring. Since cocktail parties are dressy-casual, you can't go wrong with this look.


That said, you want to avoid casual jumpsuits that are made from chino, denim, or jersey knits. You can pair a strapless black jumpsuit with a cashmere or wool sweater and an armful of rhinestone bangles. You can also turn a jumpsuit into a pantsuit that doesn't look too professional. Pair it with a tuxedo blazer and feminine jewelry that gives it an evening vibe.

3. Dinner Parties

Consider the numerous variables. What time is the party? Who's hosting? Is it for a special occasion? If you wear a jumpsuit that's casual in style, then you could end up offending the host. On the other hand, if you overdress, then you'll outshine the host.

Ask the host about the dress code. You should find out if it's appropriate to wear a denim jumpsuit or a formal one. Still worried if a jumpsuit is appropriate? Pair it with a sparkly pair of chandelier earrings or a silk scarf that you can carry in your purse just in case.

4. Business Dinners & Company Parties

The key is to keep things professional while following the dress code. If you're dressing for a professional event, your outfit should follow suit. If it's a conservative event, then you should wear a conservative jumpsuit. No matter how casual the atmosphere or the occasion is, you want to dress like a modestly but in the style of the modern woman.

A jumpsuit with cold shoulders or cut-outs will prevent you from being taken seriously. For business dinner, wear a blazer or blouse over your jumpsuit. Or, if you're going from the office to a work party, then you'll want to slip into a jumpsuit in a dark color that's paired with a feminine sheer blouse and metallic shoes. Or, you can just swap out your jewelry for something bolder such as a statement necklace.

5. Job Interviews

Since traditional companies require a suit, there's a way to transition your jumpsuit into a two-piece suit. Wear a black jumpsuit with a black blazer and a contrasting belt. If the job is for a creative field, then you can pair it with a cardigan or cropped jacket. Most bosses are interested in seeing if you have a sense of style.

Whenever you're in doubt, contact HR or the interviewer's assistant and ask about the dress code. Showing that you're interested proves that you're serious about the job. Your jumpsuit and other pieces should be cleaned, ironed, and tailored. You should avoid wearing something that's plunging, skimpy, or tight.

6. Religious Ceremonies

The goal is to be tasteful, not overly trendy. Choose a jumpsuit that's appropriate for a religious ceremony. You want to avoid wearing a jumpsuit that's clingy or low-cut. If you've never been to church before, then it's always good to brush up on the dress code.

If there's a party following the ceremony, then you should cover up with a blazer, sweater, or shawl. If there's an intermission before the reception, you'll want to change into something else. Sometimes a blazer and jumpsuit are appropriate for the service. Otherwise, you can wear something dressier and just save the jumpsuit for the after party.

7. Funeral or Wake

You don't have to show up in black. While it's important to respect the event, it can be accomplished with a jumpsuit in dark colors such as brown, forest green, and navy. Dark patterns are fine, as well as simple accessories, such as dainty necklaces and stud earrings. This is not the time to wear something loud and colorful. You should also avoid wearing something that's meant for the nightclub.

8. During a Night Out

Jumpsuits are perfect to wear on a night out. Not only is it super comfortable to wear, but you can also dance in it all night long. But since you paid enough for your night out, you should invest in a high-quality outfit. Pair a sophisticated jumpsuit with heels and sparkly accessories. Get to know the location and what people usually wear at night.

9. First-Time Meetings

Jumpsuits are great for making a first impression, such as a first date or a school function. While it's ideal to dress according to your personality, this isn't a time to take fashion risks. Choose a jumpsuit that makes you feel good about yourself such as the striped waist tie jumpsuit. This is the perfect jumpsuit since it's colorful and feminine while leaving a little to the imagination.

When it comes to school events, pair a jumpsuit with a cashmere sweater or jacket. If you're meeting the in-laws for the first time, ask your partner about what's considered appropriate attire. Finding out their parents' expectations in attire can save you a headache. Some parents may be fine with meeting you in a denim jumpsuit, while others may be more classic or traditional in nature.j


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