Why Rompers Are Making a Comeback

It's finally romper season! If you don't own a romper, you need to get your hands on one for this summer. You have to be careful though because they can be addicting. A romper is like a jumpsuit except it has shorts instead of pants, making it even more ideal for a casual summer day out on the town. 

They're also one of the trendiest pieces to wear this summer. There are several reasons why you should invest in a Kate Marilin romper. These are a few of our favorites:

1. It's the Most Comfortable Outfit

The romper is one of the most comfortable outfits you will ever wear. It's as if you're wearing your favorite pair of shortie pajamas. You'll never want to change out of your romper when you get home. Some women would say it's more comfortable than wearing sweatpants and infinitely more stylish. 

There's no fixing, fussing, or tugging because it stays in one place. You don't have to pull down your shorts or worry about the inseam sitting too high because they're the perfect length. You don't have to worry about each article of clothing falling out of place because it's all in one. 

The romper is not as revealing as you may think. It's actually quite modest in design. Speaking of comfort, you can dance the night away in a romper. Or, you can comfortably sit down and bend over while working at the office. It's one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing that you'll ever own. 

2. You Can Make It Your Own

Rompers come in different styles and designs, but you can make it all your own. You can wear a structured blazer or a cozy cardigan if you want. Or, you can pair it with ankle boots and wedged sandals. A romper looks great with a neon clutch for a night out, or you can pair it with more daring accessories if that’s more your speed.

3. They're Affordable

There are some rompers that cost hundreds of dollars in high-end catalogs and luxury boutiques, but Kate Marilin offers a wide variety of rompers that fit every budget. For example, the Madison Romper is incredibly affordable at $42.99, and yet it looks like something you would find on Fifth Avenue. This is a piece that you'll wear several times throughout the summer. 

4. They're Incredibly Flattering

No matter your size or body type, you'll find that most rompers are incredibly figure-flattering. Whether you're curvy, hourglass, or on the slender side, you're likely to find a style that flatters your features. The best romper is one that plays up your features and covers the features that you don't like. You'll feel as if it was custom-made for you. 

5. You Will Always Be in Style 

You'll be stopped constantly. Other women will be asking you where you bought that romper. Men will be complimenting you on your looks. You'll feel like a celebrity whenever you head out of the house in a romper. And who wouldn't want to look like a celebrity? They have personal stylists and a glam squad that makes them look good 24/7. Thanks to a romper, you'll become the most stylish lady in your neighborhood. 

6. They Are Only One Piece

A romper is your go-to outfit. It has become its own one-stop shop. You don't have to look through your closet and wonder what you're going to wear to that summer picnic. The great thing about a romper is that it comes in one piece. You don't have to match it with anything else. You can throw it on and go about your day. 

7. They're Appropriate for Most Occasions

Since rompers come in one-piece, they're suitable for most activities. You don't have to worry about your skirt blowing up or your pants restricting movement. You also don't have to worry about how you're sitting. Some romper styles look like a dress, but they're designed as shorts. This makes them super-appropriate for concerts, music festivals, picnics, pool parties, outdoor weddings, and more. 

8. You Can Dress It Up or Down

You can wear a Kate Marilin romper just about anywhere. You can wear it to a baseball game, on a date, or at the beach. All you need is the perfect accessories, jewelry, and shoes to pull your look together. You can even dress your romper up and down to your liking. Sandals or slip-on sneakers are ideal for running errands. Later, you can swap your shoes out for strappy sandals for that hot date you're going on. 

9. They're Extremely Versatile 

There are a wide variety of rompers to match every woman’s style. You're bound to find a romper that fits your unique tastes. There are professional rompers that are perfect for the office and other professional settings. You'll want to invest in a professional romper that covers all the right areas if you spend more time at work than any other place. You can also cover it up with a classic blazer or a cozy cardigan. 

A modest romper is one that you can dress up or down, no matter the event. Plus, it keeps you covered so you're comfortable going about your daily life. With the right accessories and layers, your romper can be worn repeatedly for several occasions such as brunch, girls weekend trips, and running errands. 

10. They Provide Effortless Style

You can wear a romper with your favorite pair of Converse sneakers if you want to. It's your romper, wear it however you like. It's so casual that it goes with anything in your wardrobe. Consider your Madison Romper as your blank canvas. You can wear it with anything you want. You can switch it up with a different hat or belt. If you're running out the door, then it'll still look cute enough on its own, no matter the occasion.


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